Law Firm Marketing

Law Firm Marketing for Dummies

Lawyers often wear a lot of hats. From a lawyer to an accountant, office manager to the receptionist, lawyers seem to do it all, especially in the beginning. ‘Lawyers’ and ‘marketing’ are probably a rare combination of words, but at small law firms, lawyers often find themselves posting on social media or trying to find solutions through marketing. One thing is for sure; we are certain that most lawyers, attorneys, and law firms need a little help in this area. We have created a few tips and tricks on law firm marketing, specifically SEO so that you can become a whiz in no time. Happy Reading!

What is SEO? 

You have probably heard of SEO but were too afraid to ask. Well, fear be gone. SEO is known as ‘Search Engine Optimization.’ SEO can help your law firm boost a variety of areas including web traffic, search rankings, and SEO can also help increase profits.

So what exactly are the benefits of SEO? We look into this further below:

Boost Rankings on Search Engines – think Google

If you have noticed your competitors continuously ranking on the first page of Google, but you are not, you need to re-visit your SEO. SEO best practices can assist your law practice with search rankings. Beware: if you are ever promised that you will be on the first page of Google in X amount of time, you need to be skeptical.

Web Traffic Increases

If you were searching on Google, you would click on a business that appears on the first page of search results, correct? We hardly ever venture past the second page of Google – that’s a known fact! Search results and web traffic increases go hand in hand. Think of SEO as a domino affect. Let’s get your business onto Google, so we can generate more web traffic!

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