Golo Legal takes the stress out of finding an affordable lawyer.

How It Works Video

1. Post Your Legal Project

First, simply post your legal project and provide a few details about your project through our confidential process and name the max price you are willing to pay.



2. Golo Lawyers Compete

Lawyers begin competing for your business and bid the price down via a reverse auction. You can see how low the price goes or simply end bidding at any time if you find a lawyer that best fits your needs.

3. Choose Your Lawyer

Award your chosen lawyer, close the bidding process, sign a representation agreement and you are on your way!

Once you mark your legal project as complete, your payment will be sent through to your attorney.



4. Manage Your Case Online Anytime, Anywhere

Keep track of your case's progress through our user-friendly message board and calendar. Communicating and sharing documents with your lawyer is as easy as it can be on GoloLegal - you don't even have to leave your house.

If you have any questions or need help, please contact We would love to talk to you!

Client FAQ's

All you need to do to get started with Golo Legal is just that – get started! You will be required to complete Intake Questions and Forms just to make sure we have enough information to provide our community of attorneys. Once you input your details, you will then launch your legal project and watch attorneys bid your price down.

Yes – you can post as many legal projects as you want. Please be aware that once you award the attorney with your legal project and they complete the project, you must pay the price agreed upon immediately. Please always make sure that you can cover multiple project costs at once, as at this time, we do not offer payment plans.

What cost do you believe is reasonable for the legal services you need and what can you afford? Our aim at Golo Legal is to make sure legal services are as accessible as possible which means listing your legal project at a price you can afford.
Simply specify the initial fee you’re willing to pay and our community of attorneys will bid at, or below, the price you set. The rate you accept once you start receiving bids is what you pay. It’s that simple!

The best way to ensure you receive as many offers as possible is to provide as much information about your project that is legally allowed in our intake forms. This occurs prior to your project going live. Multiple offers means multiple attorneys’ to potentially choose from. Our database of attorneys will review your project, determine if their services can assist you and then place their bid.

At this moment, Golo Legal only offers the option of accepting one attorney bid. We are working on providing the option for larger legal teams for the future.

No – at this time Golo Legal does not offer payment plans or financial aid. Golo Legal aims to provide accessible legal services to everyone at a price they can afford. We recommend posting your project, specifying a price you can afford and wait to see if any fish (attorneys) bite. You never know who could be willing to work with you at your desired price.

You are more than welcome to work with your attorney again – if you have a good thing, hold on to it and don’t let it go. At Golo Legal we always recommend using our message board system and to avoid taking conversations offline. You are not protected by Golo Legal if happenings do not take place on and Golo Legal accepts no responsibility for issues arising from external connections with lawyers from our community.

If you are having issues with your awarded lawyer, please contact our team as soon as you can –

Please contact customer service at We would love to talk to you!