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Welcome to Golo Legal

If you have found your way to this blog post, chances you are you are a regular person who is trying to find a lawyer. Finding a lawyer should be easy – however right now, you are probably sifting through Google results only to find lawyers who charge horrendous prices for every minute, hour, day you are talking to them or sitting in their office.

We believe¬†when you need a lawyer, you need a lawyer now. We also believe in saving time and money and, when it comes to searching for a lawyer, is the fastest and most convenient way to do just that. Gololegal, the first of it’s kind, is a legal services solution that connects live attorney’s with clients at a price individuals can afford. Gololegal isn’t online legal services as usual. Gololegal is your answer to your legal need.

Why should we have to choose between inexpensive legal services and the ability to hire a qualified attorney for that? Why do we settle for a one size fits all approach instead of gaining a unique solution for our needs? Our proprietary solution connects local attorneys with consumers in a way never before available. We’ve turned the legal market on its head and leveled the playing field for individuals and businesses in need of legal counsel.

Welcome to Golo Legal – your number 1 marketplace for finding a lawyer.

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