Top 5 Reasons Why You Need A Lawyer

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need a Lawyer

In life, there are some situations we think we can handle ourselves like fighting a parking ticket or getting out of that speeding fine. Let’s be honest, other situations call for an attorney – someone who knows what they are doing and who can protect the regular person needing legal help. How do you distinguish the two? How do you know when you are in over your head with a situation and need a lawyer asap? Too many of us shy away from seeking legal help due to the expectation of outrageous legal fees right from the start. It is essential to know when the time is right to find a lawyer so you can avoid paying these unnecessary costs – we have chosen our top 5 reasons why you need a lawyer.

1. The law is complicated – there are probably things that are illegal that you don’t know about.

Who would seriously know that in Missouri, it is A-OK to drive with a caged bear in your car. Take this warning from us, if you have the urge to pick up a bear from the side of the road, make sure you have a cage on standby.

2. You have no idea how to plead, challenge or anything else.

What do they even mean?! How do you even begin?! It is better to leave these things to the professionals… You could most possible (and most likely will) do more harm than good.

3. Does the other party have legal representation?

If your opposition is lawyered up, you need to get lawyered up too and quickly. It’s that simple.

4. You got arrested

Do we really need to explain this one? We have all watched Law & Order and know that once you get arrested, you need to keep a firm grip on your mouth at all costs. If the handcuffs are on, take this as a sign that you need a lawyer. And fast.

5. You hurt someone or yourself in a car wreck

Again, common sense but be aware that there are people out there that could take advantage of you if you hurt them in a wreck.

Last but not least, remember that lawyers are here to protect and help you. If you are unsure if you need a lawyer, chances are you probably do need one.

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