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It’s Not Your Fault: Just Relax

Pro Tip #2: More often than not, we take our work home with us no matter what profession we are in. Whether it be paperwork or emotions, our jobs can take a toll on our lives and our minds. If this is you, it’s not your fault. We are all guilty of this at some point in our lives. Here’s how to fix it (and it’s simple, believe me):

Sometimes, you just need to RELAX.

It’s as simple as that. Being stressed, over worked and at the point of burning out will decrease your productivity, efficiency and quality of work. We have picked out our top 2 relaxation books for adults:

For Lawyers and Attorneys, we recommend ‘The Anxious Lawyer‘ by Jeena Cho. Jeena, a lawyer herself, has written an 8 week program on meditation, mindfulness and wellness. It’s what the legal industry needs.

For our Consumers, we recommend ‘The Secret Garden‘ by Johanna Basford. You may be thinking, “A coloring book? Really?”. Well, dear Consumer, coloring as an adult helps combat stress, and increases peace and wellness (Thanks, Huffington Post).

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