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Should I Be A Lawyer?

Pro Tip #7: Just because your family, friends, community, school or grades tell you to become a lawyer, doesn’t mean you should. It’s the same story isn’t it? Work hard at school, get good grades, go to college (preferably Stanford, Yale or Harvard), intern, graduate and eventually start your own law practice. Have you ever wondered “Should I Be A Lawyer?”. Here are 7 Signs You’re Not Meant To Be A Lawyer:

1. You’re Not A People Person

If you don’t like people, being a lawyer is not for you. Communicating, meeting and interacting with your clients is probably one of the biggest and most important elements of your job. If this causes you stress and the occasional drip on your forehead, it’s preferable that you quickly exit the legal industry.

2. You’re Sensitive

Can’t take criticism? You should probably rethink being a lawyer. Senior partners, clients, and law firm colleagues aren’t afraid of speaking their mind, and you will be in the firing line at some point in your career. If you are a sensitive soul and don’t like being subject to criticism, heed our warning: plan a career change.

3. You Have A Good Work Ethic, But … 

You don’t have the work ethic of a lawyer. If you like being out the door at 5pm and no later, keep on planning that career change, friends!

4. You Don’t Like Public Speaking

Do your anxiety levels rise, do you get butterflies in your stomach and sweaty palms? A fear of public speaking will not get you very far in the legal industry. Imagine being a nervous sweaty lawyer in court? No, just no.

5. You Don’t Find Joy

We remember high school days – you wanted to be a lawyer to make a difference. And you probably are making a difference. Depending on the cases you are working on, finding joy can admittedly be hard sometimes. HOWEVER, if you are not finding joy in anything you do as a lawyer, find a new profession.

6. Law and Order Is Not Real Life

If you are still hoping your lawyer life will turn into a Law and Order or Criminal Minds episode, we hate to break it to you – it won’t.

7. You’re In It For The Money

Ever heard the saying “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”? Well, it’s going to be a painfully long life if you are an attorney just for the money.

There you have it – our 7 Signs That You Are Not Meant To Be A Lawyer. If you are still on the attorney train, make sure you sign up to Golo Legal today to be the first to know when we launch.

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