New Years Resolutions For Lawyers

New Years Resolutions For Lawyers

2017 is in full force already, even though it still seems like the start of 2016! Last year went unbelievably fast, and if you are like us, your New Years Resolutions were probably pushed under the carpet or to the side. 2017 will be different though! We have brainstormed some viable ideas for New Years Resolutions For Lawyers like you and I, and have also gathered some resolutions from the top lawyers in the country. We hope you will get some inspiration! Happy Reading!

Take Some Time Out From Your Email

Email and technology is king, however more often than not, emails take up the entire day, no work is completed, and stress levels are high. Instant demands via email are more and more becoming the norm. Our first “New Years Resolution For Lawyers” is stepping back from your email for at least an hour a day and allocating time for this. Depending on your schedule, different times of the day work for different lawyers, but one thing is clear: you need to take some time out from your email. George Terwilliger from McGuireWoods, made this resolution:

“I would resolve to resist more often demands for instant answers over email and the like, so that I can think more and discuss things with colleagues—part of the joy of being a lawyer” George Terwilliger

Dream Big and Make New Opportunities For Your Firm

A wise person once said, if your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough. Same goes for your law firm and its opportunities. For our New Years Resolutions For Lawyers Number Two, we suggest to make a resolution to dream big for your law firm and don’t just wait for opportunities to come, go out and get them. Be innovative. Research your industry. Be a thought-leader. Madeleine McDonough from Shook, Hardy, & Bacon said:

“I take a few minutes each morning to pause, calibrate the changing landscape, and then engage with people to share notes and identify new opportunities.” Madeleine McDonough

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