YEC Members Launch Legal Industry Game Changer, Golo Legal

YEC members, Chris Smith and Ben Randolph, are due to launch ‘Golo Legal’ in the coming weeks. Golo Legal is a legal marketplace that connects clients and lawyers in a way NEVER before available. After seeing a trend of a stagnant, old school legal process, as well as cold online providers, Ben and Chris set out to level the playing field for individuals and businesses in need of affordable, quick and convenient legal counsel.

The name of the game for clients is to simply post their legal project, provide a few details and name the maximum price they are willing to pay. Golo Legal’s marketplace of lawyers will begin competing for their business, and bid the price down via a reverse auction. It’s that simple.

Not only does Golo Legal benefit clients, attorneys are also exposed to an array of legal projects, both big and small. Golo Legal also allows attorneys the flexibility and ‘control’ to work as a freelance lawyer, if you will.

If you are a YEC member or a potential client in need of convenient and affordable legal help, email the team at hello@gololegal.com. It’s time to receive the quality legal work that you deserve at a price you can afford.

If you are a lawyer or attorney looking for freedom and control over your work life balance, email the team at concierge@gololegal.com

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Photo Source: Golo Legal

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