Laws That Every Texan Landlord Must Know

Laws That Every Texan Landlord Must Know

The housing market in Texas is one of the most attractive markets to be involved with in 2017. The stats are clear; Texas is a hot market right now. Obviously, this is attractive sell point to people who want to purchase property and lease the property out. However, there are a few laws that every Texan landlord must know before committing to the real estate game. Trust us; this is super helpful. We also recommend having a reliable attorney to assist you in some of these things; it’s better to be safe than sorry. This blog explores some of the most important laws that every Texas landlord must know.

Security Deposits

In Texas, there is no set limit to how much you can charge for a security deposit. As a landlord, you can dictate the amount you require upfront from a potential tenant. However, this amount of money has to be returned no later than 30 days after a tenant moves from your residence. To find out more information on security deposits in Texas, please click here.

Your Tenant Has Rights To Withhold Rent From You 

Tenants have the right to withhold rent from you if you fail to take care of important maintenance, fail to repair damages (if it’s not the tenant’s fault), and more. Usually, the rule of thumb is to keep the house exactly the same as when the tenant signs the lease. The tenant didn’t sign up for a house that’s falling down, so you (the landlord) have the responsibility to maintain the living situation. To find out more, please click here.

Termination and Eviction Notices Can Differ – Know Your Rights As A Landlord

Termination and eviction are awful things to go through for both tenant and landlord. For different situations, there are different notice “rules”. As a landlord, make sure you are informed and know your rights for termination and eviction instances. For more information, please click here.

If you would like to know more information on laws that every Texan landlord must know, please click here.

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