How Will The New Presidency Affect The Legal Industry

How Will The New Presidency Affect The Legal Industry

No matter your opinion on the new President of the United States, I’m sure we can all agree that big changes will be made to every industry. So the question is, how will the new Presidency affect the legal industry?  Should lawyers be concerned or rejoicing? Notable Legal Industry thought leaders have forecast a huge surge in work for all lawyers in the areas of international trade, health care, and tax. We explore how this new Presidency will affect the legal industry across the country and what you need to do to prepare.

International Trade

International trade is a hot topic with this new Presidency and it will be interesting to see where this takes the legal industry. Although Donald Trump has had some opinions throughout his candidacy in regards to China and NAFTA, it is relatively unknown and uncertain what D. Trump plans to do within the International Trade area.

Health Care

Eliminating the Affordable Health Care Act is something that the POTUS has been very clear about. Ira Coleman, Firm Chairman at McDermott, Will & Emery says with huge changes in the health care industry, he is preparing for things to be very busy.

It is clear that the future is relatively unclear for the legal industry and how the new Presidency will affect it. One thing is for sure though, your clients will most likely be asking a lot of questions and figuring out what their options are. In times of uncertainty, we must be confident in our ability as lawyers and attorneys! If you are interested in how the new Presidency will affect the legal industry, please click here.

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