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Golo Legal For Attorneys – A Note

Dear Fellow Attorneys,

I’m an attorney.  I have been since I was twenty-five years old.  Since admission to the bar, I’ve watched as flip phones gave way to Palm Trios, which gave way to BlackBerrys, which all eventually gave way to iPhones and Samsung devices.  What has also changed in twelve years is the expectation of the legal consumer.  Potential clients are seeking the lowest barrier of accessibility to their counsel, and if those expectations aren’t met they can move on to the next attorney with the press of their thumb.

The consumer has also been exposed to competitive online legal services in a way that is radically changing the consumer’s expectation as to price.  While we may all be able to present a strong argument for the value of a carefully crafted legal plan based on the individual needs of the client, the paradigm in which the consumer is coming to the table is based upon a one-size-fits all model that fosters a price war between the members of the bar and the online provider.  This has proved a difficult place for the attorney to compete.

I have sat through many consultations in which clients can’t pay my fee, don’t intend to pay my fee, or anticipate that I’ll negotiate my fee down as if I’m selling aftermarket jewelry at a flea market.   The online legal services industry for attorneys has been much like those consults to date.  A project is posted; attorneys blindly submit quotes to the client and hope for a call or an email in response.  Or a lead is just placed through to the attorney with little screening performed, the lead isn’t a good lead, and the attorney has just paid $20, $30, or $50 for that phone call, with nothing to show for it but more wasted time and money.

In 2011 I was playing the lead generation game and paying two services too much money for too few leads, and I knew there had to be a better way.  It was at that time that I developed the idea to turn the online legal services model on its head and reverse the economic exchange.  Let the clients tell the attorney how much they are willing to pay for the legal need they have.  If the attorney wants to do the work at that price, they can.  Starting at the price based on the client’s expectations would allow the attorney market to determine whether that lead was valuable enough to spend their time on it.  That is where we started when developing www.gololegal.com.

We didn’t stop there in our innovation of the process though.  Unlike other platforms on the market, we built transparent market competition into the platform so attorneys know what other attorneys are quoting for the client’s project.  As an attorney on other lead platforms nothing frustrated me more than blindly quoting what I thought was a reasonable rate for the service only to be undercut by other attorneys at every step.  I wasn’t able to adjust my pricing model in real time in order to compete.  Golo Legal eliminates that uncertainty and allows attorneys to compete with one another openly in a way that benefits both the attorney and the client.

The design of Golo Legal is based upon the needs of the attorney in servicing the client in an ethical and professional manner.  We truly set out to design a platform that innovates the online process while remaining compliant with the professional duties of each attorney.  For example, no legal project may proceed until a representation agreement has been submitted to the client by the attorney and executed by the client through our platform.  Attorneys upload their own documents, they communicate directly with the client, and a record of the entire transaction is made through our streamlined case management platform.  Therefore, attorneys control their case through the site as they see fit.

Golo Legal does not dictate how the attorney practices, but instead simply provides an online platform to easily facilitate the provision of legal services in a way that online consumers are seeking.  Oh, and I almost forgot the best part for attorneys.  No legal project is uploaded to the site unless the consumer has preauthorized their credit card.  That means the money is waiting to be paid to the awarded attorney upon completion of the project.  No more wasted consults, or bogus leads.

I’ve been a practicing attorney for twelve years.  I have been looking for an online platform that helps me obtain clients, service the client, and get paid from anywhere in the world.  I couldn’t find that platform, so with my partner Ben Randolph we built it.  Golo Legal is relevant to large and small legal projects alike.  Facilitating transparent competition within the online legal services space will benefit both attorney and client.

I hope you will review our Private Beta site, let us know what you think, and if we can assist with anything please let me know.  For the first time there’s a win-win available to both attorney and client when it comes to online legal services, and its found at Gololegal.com.

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