Crazy Things That Are Illegal In America

Crazy Things That Are Illegal In America

Have you ever heard of a crazy law that just makes you say ‘what?!’ We decided to dig a little deeper into some of the crazy things we have heard are illegal in the United States of America. We took a double take at some of them, laughed at most of them, and cringed at many, but we did it, we put together a list of our favorite crazy things that are illegal in America.

1. Alaska

It’s totally legal to shoot bears in Alaska but be warned, if you wake them up to take their photo, you have just committed an illegal act. Fair enough…

2. Arizona

FYI it’s illegal to hunt camels in Arizona.

3. Colorado

Colorado, as we all know, is great for skiing, snowboarding, and all things Winter. However, don’t have a snowball fight, they are, in fact, ILLEGAL! We just saved your family holiday from disaster; you can thank us later. Also, did you know selling vehicles on Sunday is illegal in Colorado? What?!

4. Georgia

Who doesn’t love a good session of trout fishing? If you plan on making a trip to Georgia for trout fishing, please refrain from moving a trout to another lake. Yes, we are serious, this is illegal.

5. Illinois

Apparently, Happy Hours are illegal in Illinois. Never moving there – why you do this to us, Illinois?!

6. Iowa

Please do not surf while drunk whilst in Iowa. We would recommend never doing this, but especially not in land-locked Iowa.

7. Missouri

You cannot pretend to be blind to make cash in the state of Missouri. Thank you, Missouri for encouraging humans to be better people – who would do this anyway!!!

8. New Mexico

You know all those ski lifts in New Mexico that we all know and love? Don’t get drunk on them, please.

9. Oklahoma 

It’s crazy to try and break out of prison but it’s crazier to break into one. Why would you want to? It’s beyond us but breaking into a prison is illegal in Oklahoma

10. Texas

Saving the best for last. Don’t even think about taking more than 3 sips at once while standing up in Texas – it’s also illegal.

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