7 Mind Hacks That Drive Productivity In The Law Office

7 Mind Hacks That Drive Productivity In The Law Office

Let’s face it – working in the corporate law world can be regularly monotonous and dull. Your law firm probably isn’t the most creative space either. As attorneys and lawyers, it’s undeniably difficult to get your head in the game sometimes. Our team of lawyers have put together their 7 ‘go to’ mind hacks that will drive productivity in the law office:

1. Positive Vibes, Positive Life

It sounds simple, but thinking positively and saying positive affirmations to yourself daily is actually all it takes to turn everything around. If you wake up and tell yourself you will be productive and you will have a great day, you will.

2. Classical Music

It has been proven over and over again that classical music improves concentration and productivity. Download a free version of Spotify and get that classical music playlist going!

3. Log Off Your Email

Your inbox is probably the biggest offender of distraction. Log out of your email, focus on your priority list, allocate a set amount of time, and get things done without the distraction.

4. Cluttered Desk, Cluttered Mind

If you have a cluttered work space, you are most likely to have a cluttered mind as well. Clean your work place and organize it – it will do a lot for you ‘ch’i’

5. Stretch Your Legs and Re-Focus Your Mind

Step away from your desk and and take a short walk for a change of scenery and a breath of fresh air. Trust us, it will do you the world of good. Also, take 10 minutes, (or 5), out of your day to meditate. Yes, it’s a weird request but shutting off your mind and re-centering yourself is invaluable to productivity.

6. To Do List Re-Vamp

Re-organizing your To Do list is the most refreshing thing you can do for your mind. Prioritize, create different lists (one for contract law, one for family law, one for business law), figure out what works best for you and stick with it.

7. Work While The Rest Are Sleeping

There are not enough hours in the day – says everyone, every day. Guess what? We have the same amount of hours as the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. Set your alarm for 4am and start working while the rest of the world is sleeping. You can go back to bed after an hour but you would be surprised how much work you can achieve while no one else is awake.

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