5 Legal Startup Steps You Forgot About

Whether it is a hotel, a restaurant, a gelato store or a public relations company, every business has to go through complicated legal steps to establish their startup. Starting a business can be stressful and, at times, it may seem like a huge confusing mess. We discuss the 5 Legal Startup Steps You Forgot About (But We Can Help With):

1. Legal Structure

Defining what legal structure your business falls under is one of the first legal startup steps you need to conquer. The lawyers at Golo Legal can help you explore a sole proprietorship, partnership (general or limited?), corporation or an LLC. Each of these structures will have advantages and disadvantages so it’s important you explore all of them with your lawyer.

2. DBA

If you don’t know what a ‘DBA’ is, you need our help. A ‘DBA’, by definition, means ‘Doing Business As’. This legal step is so crucial to your business and its success. Different legal structures also have different requirements regarding a DBA, and it is therefore imperative to seek a lawyer’s help with this.

3. Register For State Taxes

Every state in America is different – they have different rules and regulations. As a business owner, you need to be aware of your responsibility to register for state and local taxes. What are your obligations in your state? Find out HERE.

4. Employee Laws

Employees make any business go round so it goes without saying that the need to be compliant with state and federal laws is essential. Again, laws differ from state to state and it can get a little confusing at times, hiring a Golo Legal lawyer will make sure all your bases are covered.

5. Business Permits and Licenses

What business permit and licenses do you need? Wait, do you even need a permit or license for your business? You will, most likely, need to possess some sort of license or permit, however they do depend on what type of business you are running, where the business is located and varying Government rules. Find out more HERE.

Your head may or may not be spinning with confusion about legal startup steps. Let us help you start your business the right way.

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